Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can bridgeport ranch barns & terrace accommodate?

We can comfortably accommodate 250 people.

Is the venue handicap accessible?


If I book an event at bridgeport ranch barns & terrace, will there be other events taking place at the same time?

No. We work with all our clients to insure that your time is protected and that your booking includes time for set up, break down, rehearsals and the event itself.

Will my guests be able to park easily and is there a fee?

There is ample parking for all event attendees, and there is no parking fee. The venue is also within easy walking distance from all accommodation in the town of Bridgeport.

Is there an area onsite to get ready for my event?

Yes, there is a beautiful and private room upstairs in the barn.

Can I have both my wedding ceremony and reception at The bridgeport ranch barns & terrace?

Yes, we have plenty of room to accommodate the ceremony and reception, including happy hour, dinner and dancing. Your booking also includes time for set up and a rehearsal and dinner the night before your wedding.

What is included in the facility fee?

The facility fee includes rental of the space for the day of your event and reasonable time on the days either side for a rehearsal, set up, decoration and break down. Events that span across multiple days will require a special quote.

Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band? And is there a time by which the music must end?

There are no restrictions on the type of music that can be played. We can support live bands, a DJ, or a playlist on your smartphone.

Amplified sound shall not exceed limits that will disturb surrounding residents and will stop at 10:00 p.m.

can i bring my own decorations or do i have to use what is provided by Bridgeport ranch barns & terrace?

Yes, you can bring your own decorations. We also have a selection of pieces that you are welcome to use, included in the rental price. The only restrictions to decorations are the use of confetti/rice, and we ask that you do not bring in hay or straw bales.

do you provide catering, wedding planning services, or set up services?

Bridgeport Ranch Barns & Terrace is a self service venue. This allows us to keep our prices down, while giving our clients the flexibility to build out their event as they wish. This means that we ask our clients to set up and break down the venue, including ceremony area and tables and chairs for the reception.

We can provide you with a list of vendors that have catered, performed, photographed and planned at the venue before, but we have no restrictions on any vendors that you may wish to work with and bring in for your event.